Jack & The Beanstalk

Written  by
Paul Kalburgi
Synthonia Theatre, Teesside, UK, 2002


The classic pantomime re-imagined! Sing, Shout, Boo and Cheer as our hero Jack journeys to the top of the beanstalk in search of his fortune and a better life for him and his sick mother. But he’s not the only one seeking treasure, with his wicked Aunt Verruca and crazy new cousin Dame Dilly Dally hot on his heels.


Meanwhile, on the eve of the Princess of Diamonds’ birthday party, the King of Spades has threatened the entire village of Lillyshaw with a demolition order if his precious golden items are not returned. Jack is guided on his adventure by good and bad fairies Virtue and Jeopardy, but when he finally reaches the top of the stalk, things aren’t quite what... or who they seem!


Good wins over evil and he who dares to venture into this strange new world shall be rewarded with riches... and true love! Complete with Pat the pantomime cow, Tom, Dick and Harry the three palace jesters... and of course, those magic beans! 


Fully updated and ready

for your company to perform this panto season!


Cast size: 11-15, mixed
Duration: 75-90 min (inc. music)
Staging:​ 4-6 sets (optional) 


Jack, Mother, Pat The Cow
King of Spades, Queen of Hearts, Princess of Diamonds

Aunt Verruca, Dame Dilly Dally

Tom, Dick, Harry

Virtue, Jeopardy

Jeeves, The Giant

Plus, optional ensemble roles including villagers, ghosts, palace staff, animals on the beanstalk and golden items.


Act One

Scene 1 – Welcome To Lillyshaw

Scene 2 – Unhappy Wanderers
Scene 3 – Jack’s House

Scene 4 – Pat The Cow

Scene 5 – Up In The Attic

Scene 6 – A Royal Reward

Scene 7 – Wish Upon A Star

Act Two

Scene 1 – Carry On Climbing

Scene 2 – Back In The Attic

Scene 3 – Over At The Palace

Scene 4 – Beanstalk Banter

Scene 5 – The Giant’s Lair
Scene 6 – A Royal Celebration 

Location Auckland, NZ
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