Lauren Harries: Working 9-5

Creator / Series Producer
Showcase TV, UK, 2010


Who is the real Lauren Harries and what became of the little boy who sold us antiques on 'Oprah' and 'Wogan' show in the 80's? Lauren Harries: Working 9-5 followed TV's most eccentric celebrity, as she attempts five mystery jobs, back to back in just forty hours; under the watchful eyes of five top mentors. 


In this cringe-worthy, yet hilariously funny series (which Digital Spy called "Car-crash TV at it's best"), Lauren attempts to sell a house, cut it as a fish merchant, teach an aerobics class, host a live radio show and even audition for a musical... all in her own unique and endearing way.


I devised, developed and produced this series, in response to Keith Allen's 2004 Channel 4 documentary, Little Lady Fauntleroy; in a bid to give Lauren an opportunity to set the record straight and show the real her. I managing every detail of the series from concept to network delivery. The series was picked up by Showcase TV and broadcast as part of the line-up for the launch of the channel in 2010.

Lauren Harries: Working 9-5

sees the former child star

challenged to five mystery

jobs in 40 hours.


Created by

Paul Kalburgi

Series Director

Matt Sheahan

Series Producer

Paul Kalburgi

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Location Auckland, NZ

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