The Playwrights Toolbox

Sometimes, it’s useful to take a step back from writing, especially if a play is beginning to feel forced or sluggish. Instead, think about topping-up your inspiration and shifting your focus! Delivered as a full-day workshop, or a four-week evening class, this practical class focuses simply on the doing - a roadmap for the craft of writing and re-writing your play.

In this inspiring and interactive workshop, I share a plethora of exercises and activities, designed for playwrights of all levels, including those who are new to the craft. Participants will leave feeling energized and motived to write, armed with a host of new go-to tips and tricks which can be applied to any work-in-progress; or used as a jumping-off point for a new piece of work.

We will explore exercises covering the art of storytelling, narrative structure, character function, the creation of dialogue and the importance of considering your arena as a character; without the distraction of working towards a finished piece of writing.


  • How to get past 'Writer's block' 

  • Trimming the fat - when to stop talking!

  • Arena as characterwhat's in a location?

  • Drama and conflict - raising the stakes

  • Getting to know you - understanding our characters

  • Talking dialogue - keeping it real!


Sessions are supported by visual aids including paper handouts, as well as music and screenings of useful clips, interviews, and scenes.



My Playwrights Toolbox works really well as a weekly one or two hour evening class, and can be delivered over any number of weeks - either as a complete course, or a drop-in class.


For a more intensive experience, the content of this course can be delivered as a one-day workshop, or over two days as a weekend workshop.

The sanctuary at the beautiful Arts Mission Oak Cliff was the perfect setting in which to present this workshop in June 2018. Here is what some of the participants had to say about the day...

"If you ever have an idea to write and need help getting started, or if you write all the time and need to infuse some passion into what you do, Paul is the man to help. His writing prompts and exercises will spark your imagination and get you going down the right path. I am so fired up!"

Course participant


"Don't miss the chance to take this workshop! Extremely informative and valuable exercises that were not only fun but super helpful in combating writer's block. "

Course participant

CASE STUDY / Arts Mission, Dallas, Texas, USA


Please get in touch to find out about future courses, or to request a course or workshop for your theatre, college, or university.


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