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Almost nine years ago I had the misfortune of being duped by an individual who claimed to be a music arranger / composer. He contacted me online, submitting work samples (which he claimed here his own) for the purpose of collaborating on a musical project I was working on. Impressed with his work, I sent him eight numbers to have a listen to and share his thoughts on. To my surprise, a week later he sent back full orchestrations (all band parts!), all of which looked and sounded great - but something felt a bit odd. He then became unreachable and I never heard from him again.

Then, almost a year later I had a call from a composer - upset that he hadn't been paid for his services. We had both been conned by Jack Moore. He had sub-contracted this talented musician, sharing my work without my permission or knowledge and passing off the resulting arrangements as his own.

Nine years later, I have blown the dust off this project and decided to reach out to the composer who was caught up in this to see if he would be interested in working as an arranger on the project (since his work was bloody good!). He told me he had managed to get the money he was owed for hour and hours of work after the Musicians Union investigated... and to my complete shock it turns out we were not the only ones to fall victim to this conman... See the full story here!

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