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It's a wrap on my second episode of the hit Reelz Channel docudrama series, The Price of Fame. Following my debut episode for season two, I was delighted to be given two episodes from season three.

Researching the life and comedy legacy of Eddie Murphy was a real treat. Having not grown up in the US with Saturday Night Live, I knew little about Murphy beyond the films. Working as Field Producer, I secured four really great interview contributors and flew from Dallas to New York City, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles to shoot them. Back in Dallas, I set about writing the screenplay for the scripted drama segments of the show, which were shot by the fantastic drama department at AMS.

You can catch this episode, celebrating the life and legacy of Eddie Murphy, starring Melvin Jackson Jr, Sunday, February 17th 2019, on Reelz. The entire team at AMS Pictures are a joy to work with - churning out thirty-five scenes in just three days, these guys are some of the hardest working people in television. On to the next episode!

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