Script Surgery

As a writer, I understand how important it is to share my work with my fellow writers, and how their feedback can help to inform and improve my next draft. It often takes an extra pair of eyes, someone not as emotionally attached to our work as we are, to pose the questions that push us towards a better piece of writing.


My Script Surgery is a constructive and professional writer-to-writer feedback service. Private project development meetings, which can take place in person over a coffee, or via Skype; either way I will dedicate time to help you advance your working draft.


How does it work?

Once I understand more about you and your writing, I will read your work and make a list of points to discuss in a one to one feedback meeting. Page by page we will discuss the themes and issues at the centre of your play, its structure, plot and subplot; dialogue and character arcs. To close our session, together we will identify key areas for further exploration and development to help to approach your next draft with focus. I will also provide pointers and tips from a commercial point of view, from a producers perspective.


Let's talk

If you would like to book a surgery, please send me a message telling me a little about your project, how it originated and your creative process so far. Please do not send any scripts in the first instance. Once I receive your notes we can make a plan to meet or schedule a Skype call. At this stage I will send you a link to pay for your surgery via PayPal... and ask for the latest draft of your script and/or a treatment or outline. 


Meeting locations

I am currently based in Auckland, NZ; however, I am often in the UK and USA for projects and workshops. If we are in the same city then let's grab a coffee, otherwise, Skype meetings work really well too.


$150 (USD) Short plays, one act plays and short films

$200 (USD) Full-length plays and screenplays

Script Surgeries include my time to read your script and prepare notes ahead of our meeting, as well as the meeting itself.


If you would like to find out about my Script Surgery or to make a booking, please leave your details here and I'll get back to you shortly.


Location Auckland, NZ

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