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The Price of Fame

The road to stardom is often paved with amazing and devastating public and private events. Whether it’s a turbulent family drama, harrowing substance abuse, outlandish spending habits or a combination of those and more, these celebrities all paid a hefty price for their fame. Giving viewers an intimate perspective on each story are personal accounts from the celebrity’s family members and friends in addition to entertainment journalists who covered the rise, fall and sometimes rise again of the stars.


AMS Pictures for Reelz (USA) / Channel 5 (UK) - 2018-19

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Princess Diana

With reconstructions showing the key moments from Diana's life, her struggles amid global stardom and discussion from Royal experts and those who knew her personally, this documentary looks at the high cost of her high-profile life, and the price its prominence ultimately brought to the beloved Princess.

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy is now one of Hollywood's most prolific and famed comedians. With at least 49 movies under his belt and a long string of stand-up comedy performances, the funnyman is worth millions, but the star came from humble beginnings, and it was his hunger for success what got him to the top.

George Michael

An intimate retelling of the story of the superstar singer, recounting his rise, fall and later rise again, and how he defied the odds and the critics.

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