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Lauren Harries: Working 9-5

Who is Lauren Harries and what became of the precocious child star who sold us antiques on Oprah and Wogan in the 1980s? Lauren Harries: Working 9-5 follows one of TV's most eccentric celebrity's, as she attempts five mystery jobs in just forty hours; under the watchful eyes of top industry mentors.  In the series dubbed "Car-crash TV at its finest" by Digital Spy, Lauren Harries attempts to sell a house, cut it as a fish merchant, teach an aerobics class, host a live radio show, and even audition for Chicago... all in her own imitable and endearing way.


Pink Lemon Media for Showcase TV (UK) - 2010

EP2 cold store.jpg
EP4 physical warm-up.jpg
EP5 vox pop.jpg
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