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Playwright's Oasis

Suitable for experienced writers

A one-day workshop for playwrights to rediscover, refresh, and recharge - this full-day masterclass for experienced playwrights offers an exciting opportunity to develop your craft and sharpen the tools in your writing toolkit.


Have you got a stalled draft or a seed of an idea that has languished unloved and unforgotten in the bottom drawer? Together we'll discuss and discover new ideas to revive, re-imagine, and bring them into being.

This workshop also incorporates a writer's wellness check-in, offering tips and ideas for maintaining a healthy writing practice and staying in the game.

Workshop Overview

This workshop is designed to inspire and empower playwrights through a mix of practical exercises and group discussions. Here's what participants can expect…

  • A scene surgery, in which we'll fine-tune scenes to define characters, raise the stakes, and increase dramatic potential.

  • A challenge to go beyond the everyday, exploring the greater and more expressive possibilities of theatre through the exploration of shape and form.

  • A discussion of the dramatic structure at play in the current draft of our plays, considering how alternate structures might elevate our writing and inspire new possibilities.

  • An exploration of our unique voices as writers - how we define them, and how they translate onto the page and stage.

  • Tips for utilising often forgotten tools and secret weapons in our writer's toolkit to elevate our writing.

  • A discussion and sharing of proactive tips and ideas for play development.


Who is this workshop suitable for?

  • Writers who have had previous work produced or developed.

  • Those who seek to refresh their skills and further develop their craft.

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