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The Elements

Suitable for all experience levels

In this curated series of specialised masterclasses, we delve into critical aspects of writing for screen and stage. Each two-hour workshop focuses on one of the fundamental "elements" that constitute the essence of dramatic storytelling, designed to hone your writing skills and propel your dramatic prowess to new heights. 

Workshop Overview

Tailored for both seasoned writers and those just beginning their creative journey, these stand-alone, two-hour masterclasses provide invaluable insights and practical exercises, enriching your grasp of storytelling essentials.

Dramatic StructureCrafting Compelling Narratives

By deconstructing the crucial components of a well-structured story, including the setup, rising action, climax, and resolution, participants will learn how to create tension, build character arcs, and maintain a cohesive storyline that captivates audiences. We'll delve into the most commonly used three-act structure, discovering how and why it works and why it is favoured by Hollywood executives. Additionally, we'll explore lesser-known alternative structures that can give my work a unique edge and open the door to exciting possibilities.

Character Development - Creating Memorable Protagonists and Antagonists

In this workshop, we unravel the art of crafting memorable and authentic characters, discovering original techniques for character development, and defining the motivations, conflicts, and growth of our protagonists. We'll also understand the nuances of character relationships and how they can be utilised to drive the emotional core of our stories.

Dynamic Dialogue - How to Elevate Character Speech 

Master the art of writing impactful, engaging, and dynamic dialogue, within the element of the character. What our characters say or don’t say is the meat on the bones of any script, so crafting conversations and speech that feel genuine and propel the narrative forward is an important skill to sharpen. I'll dive into the subtleties of subtext, pacing, and character voice, discovering how dialogue can reveal personality, conflict, and thematic elements. Perfecting dialogue that resonates with authenticity and drives the narrative momentum is a crucial focus of this session.

Sculpting StoriesTechniques for Engaging Plot Development

The plot workshop guides us through the intricacies of narrative twists and turns, exploring techniques for building suspense, incorporating plot twists, and creating a satisfying resolution. Participants will learn how to structure their plot to maintain engagement, surprise the audience, and deliver a compelling and memorable story. Additionally, we'll delve into the art of crafting subplots to add depth and complexity to the narrative.

Immersive Worlds - Crafting Evocative Story Settings

In this setting workshop, we immerse ourselves in the art of creating authentic and evocative worlds for our characters to inhabit and for our stories to play out in. We'll examine the role of setting in storytelling, considering how it influences mood, character behaviour, and overall narrative impact. Learn to craft vivid environments that enhance the emotional and thematic resonance of the narrative using immersive writing practices. Finding physical entry points to the worlds we're writing is something I'm passionate and excited about, which I detail more in my book, The Writer's Toolkit, and which I enjoy sharing with fellow writers in this workshop.

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