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Writing for Stage & Screen

Suitable for all experience levels

As a writer working on projects for both stage and screen, I have designed this workshop to explore the fundamentals of scriptwriting across both mediums, taking practical writing exercises from my book, The Writer’s Toolkit. This inspirational workshop will arm you with a bounty of original techniques to help advance your writing.

Workshop Overview

The workshop is structured around a series of fast-paced, inspired exercises, delivered in my popular 'circuit writing' format. Participants will be introduced to a plethora of activities, suitable for writers of all levels including those who are new to the craft.


Exercises cover the art of storytelling, narrative structure, the creation and function of character function, as well as writing dynamic dialogue, and much more.​ Writers will leave feeling energized and motivated to write, armed with a host of new go-to tips and tricks that can be applied to any work-in-progress; or used as a jumping-off point for a new piece of work.


Participant Feedback

DO IT! If you ever have an idea to write and need help getting started, or if you write
all the time and need to infuse some passion into what you do - Paul is the person to help.
His writing prompts and exercises will spark your imagination and get you going down the right path - I'm so fired up!

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