Writing for Screen & Stage

New for 2020, this workshop explores the fundamental scriptwriting skills employed in both playwriting and screenwriting. A combined-skills workshop designed to keep participants writing,

with a series of fast-paced 'circuit-writing' exercises.

As a writer working on projects for both stage and screen, I have designed this workshop to explore the fundamentals of scriptwriting across the two mediums. Taking practical writing exercises from my forthcoming book, Drama Games for Writers (published Spring 2020), this workshop builds on my popular Playwrights Toolbox workshop and included many new creative writing exercises which transcend both medium and genre.


The day is structured around a series of fast-paced, inspired exercises, completed in a 'circuit-writing' format. Working alone, as well as in collaboration with other members of the group, I will share a plethora of activities suitable for writers of all levels, including those who are new to the craft. Participants will leave feeling energized and motived to write, armed with a host of new go-to tips and tricks which can be applied to any work-in-progress; or used as a jumping-off point for a new piece of work.

Exercises will cover the art of storytelling, narrative structure, character function, the creation of dialogue and the importance of considering your arena as a character, without the distraction of working towards a finished piece of writing.


  • Playwriting vs. Screenwriting - similarities and differences between the mediums

  • How to get past 'Writer's block' -  regardless of the medium you are writing for

  • Trimming the fat - when to stop talking!

  • Arena as character - immersive writing techniques

  • Drama and conflict - quick tips to help raise the stakes and move a story forward

  • Getting to know you - understanding our characters, their backstories and worlds

  • Talking dialogue - keeping it real!

  • Plus, formatting your work to industry standards, and analogue vs. digital scriptwriting

Sessions are supported by visual aids including paper handouts, as well as music and screenings of useful clips, interviews, and scenes.



This practical writing workshop is designed to be delivered in one day, usually starting at 10am and finishing at 6pm, with a break for lunch.


The content of my book includes almost two hundred practical writing exercises. For more in-depth exercises and the opportunity to share participants work, this workshop can be extended over a full weekend.


Please get in touch to find out about future courses, or to request a course or workshop for your theatre, college, or university.


Location Auckland, NZ
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