Broadway or Bust

Book, Music & Lyrics  by
Paul Kalburgi
Piano arrangements by
Simon Walters
Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, USA, 2019


A backstage musical comedy.


In the storeroom of a carpet store, somewhere in Dallas, community theatre company, The Plush Pile Players are spitting tacks! When resident director Jan trips on a toaster and breaks her ankle, all hopes of staging the Off-Off-Broadway flop, Broadway Glitz - the company's last-ditch attempt to save their theatre - seem impossible. That is until a lifeline comes in the unlikely shape of bonafide Broadway director; Percy Scott. However, Jan's eccentric ensemble soon learn that their new messiah may not be all he seems. They must unite to save the show... and the theatre. It's Broadway... or Bust!

Dallas world premiere cast members perform

Tap, Tap, Tap live on Good Morning Texas


Numbers from Broadway Glitz, the musical within the comedy...

Kevan Frost

Vocal arrangements
Kevan Frost
Laura Prince (Hoods)
Jennifer Hepburn (West End: Mamma Mia, Les Misérables, Cats)
Zee Asha (West End: Chicago, Taboo, Mary Poppins)
Damian Robinson (Road Show)

I ridiculed the work that you do here, and in doing so I completely missed the point. It’s not about staging a theatrical masterpiece, it’s about the journey. It’s about the people.

Percy Scott, Broadway or Bust

Location Auckland, NZ

© 2021 Paul Kalburgi