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Delivered as a ten-week evening class, my Introduction to Playwriting course is designed to be a stimulating and inspiring introduction to the craft of playwriting.


Between practical group sessions and one-to-one tutorials, writers will complete a ten-minute play to be performed as part of a rehearsed reading in the final session.


The script is the backbone of any theatre production - from the point of conception through to the realisation of the final work on stage. In this practical course, I shares an introduction to the writers’ craft and practice, developing the skills essential for writing for theatre, as well as exploring tips and techniques for maintaining a healthy writing practice.

Through weekly workshops, based my book, The Writer's Toolkit, sessions cover the fundamental elements of playwriting; including dramatic structure, the creation and function of character, how to write dynamic dialogue, crafting a compelling plot, and much more. Outside of the group sessions, participants will apply the skills learned to write a ten-minute play. Each writer will benefit from two one-to-one online tutoring sessions to advance their script ahead of a staged reading in the final session.


Participants will complete the course armed with a fully developed ten-minute play, plus a toolkit of tricks and devices to inspire their future work.

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Theatre Britain course, Cox Playhouse, Plano, TX, 2016


A great course, with a skilled and knowledgeable instructor. This will drive you to create plays, and better them!

Thanks so much for putting all of our plays on stage – I had a wonderful night. I really enjoyed the course and as a tutor, you're a natural. I'll definitely be making use of many of the exercises in the future and taking into account your feedback.

Paul was superb at planning and instruction for each and every class. His concern for each student to be inspired and work hard was clearly evident. Those factors alone made the class enjoyable from the start.


It was a great course and experience. Thank you!


I haven't written so much creatively in a very long time. Paul, I loved your easy manner when communicating with the group. You definitely love what you do and it translates well through your coursework and interaction with the students.


I loved the interactive writing exercises and tips!


It was so well planned and executed; a variety of tools were offered to help me continue working on my writing skills.