Introduction to Playwriting

The script is the backbone of any theatre production, from the point of conception through to the realisation of the final work on stage. Delivered as a two-day intensive workshop, a ten-week evening class, or as a longer five-month course, my Introduction to Playwriting course is designed to be a stimulating and inspiring introduction to the craft of playwriting.


If you have ever wanted to write a play and see it brought to life on the stage, then this practical playwriting course is for you! Through group discussions and practical exercises, my Introduction to Playwriting course will help you to understand and develop the fundamental skills of writing for stage, while writing your own short play. At the end of the course, there will be an opportunity to see your work brought to life by actors in a rehearsed reading for an invited audience. 


During the course, we will explore the art of storytelling, dramatic structure, character creation and writing dynamic dialogue; as well as realising the full potential of plot, subtext and setting. In each session I work with writers as a group, as well as offering individual feedback as your writing assignment progresses from first to final draft.

Writers will enjoy an insight into the art of playwriting and develop new skills, which can later be applied to the origination of any new creative writing work, be it plays, short stories or poetry. Many of the transferable skills and techniques that you will take away from the course can also be applied to writing for film and television.


This course can be delivered over ten weeks, as a two-house evening class.  Participants work towards writing a short play which is performed by actors in a staged reading on the final evening. One-to-one feedback on participants work is provided at intervals throughout the course. Plus, the option of a group theatre visit to aid critical review.


The practical exercises and group discussions which form the basis of this course can also be delivered over two, ten-hour days, serving as an intensive weekend workshop. Participants' work will be shared with the group at the end of the weekend.

CASE STUDY / Chelsea Theatre, London, UK

From January to March 2015 I delivered this course at the Chelsea Theatre, London, for a group of new writers. At the start of the course, each writer was given one of the seven deadly sins to inspire their writing as a key theme. The result was Deadly Seven, a collection of seven-minute plays with a cast of seven professional actors, performed on stage at the theatre in front of a full house.

"Thanks so much for getting the actors together and then putting all our plays on stage. I really enjoyed the course and as a tutor, you're a natural. I'll definitely be making use of many of the exercises in the future and taking into account your feedback."

Course participant

CASE STUDY / Theatre Britain, Plano, Texas, USA

From March to June 2016 I delivered this course in at Theatre Britain in Texas. At the start of the course, each writer chose a story or even from June 6th throughout the ages as the stimulus for their short play. On This Day, a collection of nine short plays with a cast of four actors was presented at the Cox Playhouse in Downtown Plano.

"I never thought I'd write a play or see my thoughts and ideas performed on stage. This course made me sit down and do what I've always wanted... thanks, Paul!"

Course participant

"This is a great course, with a skilled and knowledgeable instructor. This will drive you to create plays, and better them."

Course participant